Identified Future Projects

Pittsburgh to Philadelphia – The state of Pennsylvania is to create a Public-Private Partnership to take over High Speed Rail operations between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The project will seek to significantly upgrade the route and train speeds to create a profitable operation for the movement of people and parcels.

Other High Speed Rail ProjectsThe following High Speed Rail corridors have been evaluated by TEMS as being projects that can be developed profitably by the Company and its affiliate entities and nonprofit related entities, as a private sector or public-sector partnership projects.


  Corridor Bus Plan  EIS Cost to Develop Time
1 Los Angeles-Phoenix-Las Vegas X X $10-12 Billion
2 Hampton Roads-Richmond-Washington ü X $7 Billion
3 Dallas-Ft. Worth-Houston-Austin X X $15 Billion
4 Columbus-Cleveland-Cincinnati ü X $4-6 Billion
5 Denver-I-25 Corridor ü X $4-6 Billion
6 Calgary-Edmonton ü X $2-3 Billion
7 New York-Washington ü X $10 Billion
8 Toronto-Montreal ü ü $4-6 Billion
9 Chicago-Detroit ü ü $2-3 Billion