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Damar TruckDeck

The Company also intends to develop projects as opportunities are presented related or ancillary to the transportation or transportation-related fields. The Company has entered into a contract for the acquisition of the patents, rights, titles, and business of Damar Corporation LLC, the inventor, developer and manufacturer of Damar TruckDeck (see The Damar Corporation was incorporated in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market the truck deck component invented and developed by its owner. The Damar Corporation has filed a patent application covering its truck deck system. The Damar TruckDeck is a flexible truck deck storage and organization system that with an integrated frame allowing the cargo deck to be used as a hauling surface. The system has many configurations to fit a wide variety of uses (hunting, construction, moving, hauling, etc.) in various truck deck sizes. The Damar TruckDeck primarily consists of lockable repositionable storage units.

The advantages of the Damar TruckDeck system are as follows: