Company Profile

Mission Statement

To be the leader in providing Global Solutions to Develop and Modernize Critical Infrastructure.

Purpose of the company

The Company is facing a $57 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Market as identified in McKinsey’s report, the need and demand for alternative transportation such as, high speed rail, sea ports, intermodal ports and toll roads. The Boeing reports and Society of Civil Engineers reports identify the need for more efficient port operations and infrastructure projects to be completed to satisfy the demands and growth of the United States. It is increasingly important as the United States adopts policies to attempt to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and to improve its infrastructure and transportation systems for global competiveness. The Company’s intention is to profit from such opportunities and has structured itself to be the leading provider of such services in the United States and globally.

The Company is focusing on the following means to create efficient freight transportation:

  • Increase port capacity to increase our nation’s ability to distribute goods, making us more competitive in the global economy.
  • Develop larger, rail-served, inland distribution centers that will encourage more efficient movement of goods and create more capacity at ports.
  • Permit increased volume and speed of inland heavy freight, allowing inland distribution points to expand into larger, national service hubs and promote economic growth.

The Company is focused on development of transportation facilities, including but not limited to high-speed rail for passenger and freight transportation related and ancillary transportation businesses, inland ports, sea ports, airports, and toll roads. The Company will act as the super general contractor to build manufacturing facilities for composite rebar, rail road ties and Damar Corporation LLC products, in addition to fiber optic lines, any and all utilities whether underground or overhead, any and all outdoor advertisement signage, travel plazas, natural gas pipelines, distillate pipelines, motels, hotels, sewer, power grids, cell phone towers, earth stations, fast food and restaurant establishments, shops and other aspects of construction, technology parks, town centers, together with ancillary land development projects, sale of goods and services to government, civilian and commercial end users pertaining to any project secured by any affiliate entity or nonprofit entity.

The Company is responsible for securing the above mentioned projects through its marketing consultant, Transportation Economics Management Systems (TEMS), meeting with the government, civilian and commercial end users and structuring the financing through one or more of the nonprofit entities, then managing the cost and time line of the project through completion, utilizing the affiliate entities, listed in affiliate entities tab, of which the Company has a non-controlling twenty five percent ownership interest.

The debt offering for the projects of government, civilian and commercial end users as mentioned above will be borne by any one or more of the related affiliated entities, who intend to approach the nonprofit entity or entities, with a particular project that is in need of being funded via bond offerings on behalf of the end user. Also the debt offering for the projects of government, civilian and commercial end users as mentioned above could be borne by one of the nonprofit entities or entity themselves, who have been approached directly by government, civilian and commercial end users with a particular project that is in need of being funded via bond offerings. The nonprofits and certain affiliate entities collectively have identified projects worth five hundred and six billion dollars and therefore have master bond indentures available for funding government, civilian and commercial end user projects.

The Company

The Business

The Company, and its wholly owned subsidiary Global Transportation and Infrastructure, Inc., are pioneers of “PPP” Private Public Partnership, of infrastructure projects and transportation projects. The Company is a “conduit” to “facilitate”, “general contracting” services for infrastructure projects and transportation projects collectively called infrastructure projects nationally. As a “conduit” working with consulting firms such as Transportation Economics Management Systems “TEMS”, together we “facilitate” in identifying infrastructure projects for both private and public end users. The Company brings together private and public entities, the end users, including the affiliate entities to organize the revenue bond offering, which will be the private debt vehicle to build the infrastructure project for the end user. The Companies ultimate role is providing “general contracting” services and “construction management” services for the private and public entities.

The major elements of the infrastructure projects nationally would include:


Trade and Transportation Corridors

  • Development of container ports for Class C, D and E ships
  • Development of inland transportation corridors including new greenfield highways and railroads
  • Building of inland ports and multimodal transportation centers
  • Development of new urban centers along the new infrastructure
  • Development of ancillary facilities including airport (express service), distribution centers, and logistics centers.


High Speed Rail

  • Development of modern rail equipment operating at speeds exceeding 250 mph
  • Use of existing rail rights-of-way to connect rural, small urban and major metropolitan areas
  • Track improvement, including replacement and upgrades, additional sidings, signal and communications systems, and grade-crossing improvements
  • Building of new greenfield routes
  • Construction or improvement of railroad grade crossings and passenger stations
  • Acquiring new train equipment including train sets and spares


Transportation Infrastructure 

Development of new road systems to accommodate driverless cars and trucks, including electric cars and infrastructure to support the highway and rail systems that will be used in Trade and Transportation Corridors and the High Speed Rail Systems. 

Supporting Ancillary Development

  • Development or expansion of a feeder bus system linking outlying areas to railroad stations
  • Operation of a “hub-and-spoke” passenger rail system providing service to and through one or more major hubs to locations throughout the United States
  • Provision of multi-modal connections to improve system access, hotels, retail, parking garages, sorting facilities / distribution facilities

Supporting Transportation Systems

  • Ancillary development opportunities, airports, inland ports, sea ports, toll roads and technology parks

As the US and World populations are rapidly increasing and global infrastructure is being surpassed in its ability to safely and adequately provide the effective transportation for sustainable economics, infrastructure is becoming inadequate and dilapidated. Governing authorities’ ability to keep up with preventative maintenance and replacement lacks funding. Studies have consistently shown that the development of infrastructure permeates economic growth. Lack of funding due to global financial crises have sent governments into restructuring their budgets and bail outs have further reduced the possibility for governmental funding.

The Company’s management team has recognized the need for a solution to curb the financial burden on governments and taxpayers alike. The Company has developed a solid approach to what is today called “PPP” Private Public Partnership.

Message From The Company

We are here to bring to you an enduring message of genuine hope and are fully committed to engendering in you the belief that it is possible to provide high-speed rail transportation in an efficient, manageable and financially responsible manner.

We believe that “We the People” – comprising a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” – are still the greatest workforce in the world. That’s why we invite you to see what the Ameri Metro team has to offer. Take a look – we think that you will be excited and encouraged.