Partnership Alliances and Agreements

The following are independent expert/consultants:


Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) is one of the world’s leading maritime services providers. Through its proprietary network of some 290 offices employing over 3,900 people across 65 countries, ISS provides its customers with an unparalleled global resource delivered locally and tailored to each customer’s individual needs.  It is an independently owned and managed company not under the control of the Company. Its diversified customer base includes clients across the oil, cruise, container and bulk commodity sectors, and it is engaged in serving naval, governmental and inter-governmental clients. Additionally, ISS provides landside commercial and humanitarian logistics, transit, offshore support and other associated marine services. ISS also provides a growing range of outsourcing services. These include global crew and marine spares logistics; port agency management and commercial representation; and sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions through its subsidiary ShipNet and other associated organizations.

The Company engaged Inchcape Shipping Services Group as its freight operations and managers of its freight cargos at ports and inland ports. ISS has 3,900 employees worldwide to provide freight management services, shipping logistics, and freight cargo handling.

The Company has engaged with Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) to manage and act as port agent at Port Claudius and Port Of Ostia. ISS is a global operation from sixty eight countries, six hundred ports that directs traffic from sea and air cargo to and from the ports. They have been in business since 1875.


The Company is in the process of developing agreements for four types of airport services at its airport facilities like KSJM airport.  These include:

  • Passenger Terminals
  • Air Cargo Terminals
  • Corporate Jet Services
  • Foreign Airline FAA Inspection Maintenance Service Terminals

The Company is in discussions with several air service providers, and would expect to be able to announce a partnership alliance once the Port Mobile Trade and Transportation Corridor (Port Trajan) moves forward.


The development of the Company rights-of-way will involve considerable earth moving and route grading requirements. The Company intends to enter into agreement with a major equipment supplier for vehicles to meet its construction needs. Specifically, The Company will contract for earth moving equipment once the initial Mobile Trade and Transport Corridor (Port Trajan) moves forward.


TEMS is a specialist firm who are experts in Business Planning for Trade Corridor/High Speed Rail projects. TEMS will provide Investment Grade Studies and Business and Financial Plans, for use with Wall Street investment banking firms. TEMS has considerable trade corridor and high speed rail experience. The Company has a current working agreement with TEMS to provide consulting services.

The Company has engaged consultants such as Transportation Economics Management System Inc. (TEMS). TEMS is a global transportation consulting firm. It is responsible for the transportation planning and system analysis, which includes the development of the passenger and freight forecasting models.

Alexander Metcalf, PhD – (Planning) Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc.

Dr.  Alexander Metcalf, President of TEMS will serve as Project Director for ARMT Investment Grade studies. Dr. Metcalf personally directs all projects at TEMS and has built the firm’s reputation based on professional product and close client interaction. Dr. Metcalf is a professional transport economist with 30 years of freight and passenger planning experience. Previously, Dr. Metcalf was Chief Economist for British Rail and was responsible for the planning of a number of major rail freight passenger and port projects including the East Coast Main Line ($8 Billion), Channel Tunnel ($16 Billion), as well as the West Coast 125HST program ($5 Billion). His recent projects include the Panama Canal-ACP, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway New Cargoes/New Vessels Market Assessment-USDOT, Port Freeport-SH 36A Rail Corridor Study, Alameda Corridor-Port of Los Angeles, Great Lakes Trade Study-Transport Canada, Great Lakes Bulk Ships Cost Benefit Study, USDOT Channel Tunnel Freight Corridor Project-Transmark, North American Ports Model-Goldman Sachs, and Northeast Corridor Freight Market Study-UBS Painewebber.

Dr. Metcalf’s recent high speed rail projects include Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Study, Detroit-Chicago EIS Tier 1 Demand Forecasting Study, Atlanta-Charlotte EIS Tier 1 Operations Planning, Hampton Roads High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Vision Plan, Rocky Mountain High-Speed Rail Business Plan Study, Tri-State III High-Speed Rail Study, VIA Rail Feasibility Study and Business Plan, Minneapolis-Duluth/Superior High-Speed Restoration of Intercity Passenger Rail Service – Comprehensive Feasibility Study and Business Plan, Ohio and Lake Erie (Ohio Hub) Regional Rail System, Midwest Regional Rail System, Florida Intercity Passenger Rail Business Plan, Alberta High Speed Rail Investment Ridership Study.

Dr. Metcalf was Chair of the European Freight Movement Study Technical Committee that was carried out by the European Community (EEC) and a member of the Steering Committee for the EEC European Passenger Transport Study. Dr. Metcalf has completed studies for the Investment Banks, World and Asian Banks, as well as Federal and State governments across the US.


PhD/1974/London University/ Transport Economics

B.S./1968/London University/ Economics

Key Personnel: Dr. Metcalf will be supported by two key individuals –

Dr. Edwin “Chip” Kraft, the Director of Transport Operations at TEMS brings more than 25 years of expertise in passenger and freight transportation planning systems. Dr. Kraft has led operational, logistics, financial and planning studies, as well as management system development projects. He is currently the lead developer for the CSX Railroad, Yard of the Future project. He will lead the transport operations planning work for water, truck, and railroad analysis.  Dr. Kraft’s projects include the Great Lakes Bulk Ships Cost Benefit Study,

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway project, USDOT five corridor freight transportation analyses, Panama Canal Demand Study, and the Hamilton Ontario Container Port Study, the Yard of the Future for CSX Rail, SH 36A Corridor Study for Port Freeport. His high speed rail projects include Atlanta-Charlotte, Hampton Roads-Washington corridor, Northeast Corridor, Chicago-Twin Cities, and Florida Statewide High Speed Rail Study.


PhD/1998/University of Pennsylvania/Systems Engineering

MS/1983/University of Pennsylvania/Civil Engineering

BS/1982/University of Pennsylvania/Civil and Urban Engineering / Economics

Dr. Yang He is Senior Transportation Analyst with TEMS’ and leads the system modeling and analysis team. With more than 12 years’ experience, he has been involved in the development of the TEMS’ software development, in particular the development of the COMPASS™ passenger rail model.  He will be responsible for database development, traffic and revenue, and capacity analysis for the studies. Dr. Yang has also developed the latest versions of the GOODS™ model and its update to incorporate the latest Decision Choice models. Dr. He’s freight projects include the Great Lakes Bulk Ships Cost Benefit Study, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway project, USDOT five corridor freight transportation analysis, Panama Canal Demand Study and software, and the and SH 36A Corridor Study for Port Freeport. His high speed rail projects include Hampton Roads, Chicago-Detroit, Chicago-Twin Cities, Atlanta-Birmingham, Rocky Mountain High Speed Rail Study Business Plan, and Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Study.


PhD/2007/University of Arizona/Systems and Industrial Engineering (minor in Management Information Systems)

MS/2002/University of Arizona/Systems Engineering

BE/1998/University of Beijing/Engineering Management