How Do We Do It?

Organization Chart is currently being updated.

Not-for-profit entities are established to work in conjunction with participating sates to finance, acquire, construct, manage, operate and maintain regional high-speed rail projects across the country.

A not-for-profit entity, Hi Speed Rail Facilities Provider, Inc., will be created in each participating state to issue bonds via a master indenture and supplemental trust indentures. Each state’s high-speed rail bond indenture will be state-specific, and it will stand-alone. The bonds issued will fund the acquisition, construction, management, operation and maintenance costs of selected portions of the high-speed rail projects.

The balance of the funding to complete the high-speed rail projects will be provided from the proceeds of bonds issued by Hi Speed Rail Facilities, Inc., a not-for-profit entity created to provide additional financial support for the state not-for-profit entities.

Private funds will be used to finance ancillary and adjoining development and facilities, including hotels, restaurants and other related consumer retail establishments.

Significantly, the ancillary and high-speed rail developments will complement each other. The synergistic benefit will accrue to all. They will create a good world for us – and a better world for our children.

Once the debt associated with the issued bonds has been paid or the applicable state or local government entity assumes the debt, ownership of the rails and train sets will be conveyed to the government entity. Paragraph 7 of the Resolution to be adopted by each state reads:

The development of the Project by the Corporation contemplates and must provide an arrangement whereby all of the right, title and interest of the Corporation in and to all of the real and personal property constituting the Project shall vest in the State upon retirement of the Bonds.

We think you can now see why we stated, at the outset of this Message, that we thought that you would find Ameri Metro’s vision both exciting and encouraging. Ameri Metro is deeply committed to “Changing the Way You Move!” That is our personal pledge to you.

Ameri Metro, Inc.