Improve Regional Infrastructure and Create Asset Liquidity

The United States Census Bureau predicts that the American population will reach 420 million by 2050, a trend that will overwhelm our nation’s transportation infrastructure

Construction of regional high-speed rail infrastructure is necessary to address existing transportation problems and meet the growing needs of the population. Government entities can create asset liquidity by implementing the Company’s business model. [HOW? This requires explanation.]

Protect Small Businesses:

At Ameri Metro, we understand the importance of small businesses. They are the backbone of the economy.

Though each state has a vital economic development program that includes loans and grants to small businesses, today many of these loans and grants go untapped by those small businesses that need them most.

That’s why Ameri Metro has set aside jobs for small businesses, and created a special division to help provide training for small business owners on how to take advantage of the often under-utilized loan and grant programs. Our team of experts will help these small businesses choose the programs for which they are best qualified and fill out financing application packages to obtain the necessary grants and loan funding.

We invite you to visit the links, below, and see for yourself:

Complement The Airline Industry:

One of Ameri Metro’s purposes is to develop regional infrastructure. The creation of travel hub franchises will improve travel overall by making it more convenient and economical, and will compliment and facilitate travel alternatives already offered by the airline industry.

Ameri Metro is also interested in working cooperatively with the airline industry to procure financing for airlines to make leasehold improvements, build train terminals, and lease train sets.

Without our help, it will be increasingly difficult for any airline to get into the high-speed rail passenger business. With our help, it will be expedient, efficient and economical.

Protect Our Nation’s Financial Resources:

At Ameri Metro, we strongly believe that the strength of any nation is its sovereignty and the enduring confidence of its workforce. That’s why we are helping assure both by not depending on state or local tax dollars. Instead, we are creating economic growth in the form of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of transportation infrastructure.

Protect Our Nation’s Manufacturing Jobs:

In recent years, the United States has lost millions of jobs to overseas markets. Jobs from the textile industry, durable goods, steel mills, and electronics – the list goes on and on. We have fallen to record-low industrial leadership. And our once-stellar entrepreneurial leadership is at an all-time low.

At Ameri Metro, we believe in our national workforce and its industrial leadership, which is why our affiliate, HSR Technology, Inc., will manufacture 85% of all high-speed rail train sets utilized by Ameri Metro in the United States.

Ameri Metro will also take measures to ensure the long-term financial stability of its workforce by implementing a comprehensive savings plan. Any person working on any Ameri Metro project, directly or indirectly, will be eligible for a 6% wage withholding that will go to purchase U.S. Treasury bonds against which, in an emergency, they can borrow. It will always be the employees’ money, and will serve as their savings for a rainy day.

In short, Ameri Metro will become the first U.S. Company to manufacture high-speed rail on our shores.

Protect The Value of The Dollar:

The dollar, just like any other commodity, is traded daily across the globe. Its value is dependent on supply and demand. That’s why Ameri Metro will create billions of dollars’ worth of payroll. Simply put, people working directly for Ameri Metro, as well as for the companies it helps develop and expand, are the key to supply and demand.As more people work stronger the economy thus stronger growth stronger the national sovereignty

Leaving Something Behind for Our Children:

We all have this inner sense and desire to leave something behind for our children. At Ameri Metro, we share the same sentiment. With collective effort we all can reach that goal without burdening our nation’s financial resources, without compromising our children’s future, and without depleting the value of the dollar.